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About Diaperprice.com

Save $450 per year!

Diapers are expensive! Prices fluctuate constantly, and there is no rhyme or reason to the per diaper price. Sometimes it’s cheaper to buy a jumbo pack of 200 diapers. And sometimes it’s actually cheaper to buy smaller packs. One day, diapers will be cheaper at Amazon. The next it may be at Target or Walmart. Or maybe buying directly from manufacturers like The Honest Company will get you the best deal.

The average baby goes through 2,500 diapers in their first year alone. The average saving from using our site is 18c per diaper. That means you could be saving a whopping $450 per year!

All it takes is a click or two, and we’ll show you where to find the lowest diaper price.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much can I save on average?

The average saving is 18c per diaper. That is the difference between the average diaper price and the lowest diaper price. In some cases, you could be saving even more.

2. How many diapers does a baby use per year?

According to Pampers, the average baby uses 2,500 diapers per year in the first year. After that, the number typically declines as the baby gets older, but the cost per diaper, conversely, goes up.

3. Why do diaper prices vary so much?

We don’t know. It’s likely driven by supply and demand and fierce price competition on certain SKUs (stock keeping unit, meaning a specific diaper product name, brand, size, and pack).

4. Where can I find the cheapest diapers?

Right here at Diaperprice.com. We compare prices across all major sellers, including Walmart, Amazon, Target, Walgreens, CVS, and direct from manufacturers such as The Honest Company.

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